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Kozakov Repechage Day: Brackets B and C

Kozakov Repechage Day: Brackets B and C

Kozakov Repechage Day: Brackets B and C

Riders fought through two repechage brackets today to determine the final five spots in tomorrow’s finals. Patrick Switzer (CA) cruised through both brackets to claim the 60th spot in the finals, and he was joined by Ben Hay (AU), Nico Gallmann (CH), Gustav Funck Norrhall (SE) and Adria Arquimbau (ES).

Kozakov 2016 - winners bracket B
Kozakov 2016 – winners bracket B

Each of the five had their stories to tell; Patrick Switzer maximised his race time by deliberately qualifying in last place; Ben Hay raced strongly after recovering from the bout of food poisoning that affected his qualifying times the day before; Nico Gallman gained redemption after breaking his fibula on this track last year; Gustav Funck Norrhall will remember his 18th birthday as the day he qualified for the Kozakov finals; and Adria Arquimbau snuck through into the last spot in the finals by winning the B-bracket consolation final.

Repechage day showed an impressive level of riding skill from the C bracket riders, especially the many young Czech riders who have obviously done work in the last years to get up to world cup riding level. Countless stories were heard of how impactful the riding experience attained in Repechage brackets can be for everyone from 183rd place and up racing against those in their level.

The one protest of the day was resolved gentlemanly in a bus of skaters who cheered on the two racer’s “rock, paper, scissors” match deciding who would continue on to the next round. With full C & B bracket racing and five freeride runs, even some of the officials took the opportunity to sneak in freeride runs, keeping excitement high for everyone cheering them on.

With the forecast rain being pushed back till next week, riders have rejoiced in the break from the cold and wet conditions that have plagued the Euro series this year.

Text: Patrick Switzer

Today’s results

  • Bracket C winners: Patrick Switzer, Fabrizio Clausi, Gregor Nussbaummüller, Justin Barnes.
  • Bracket B winners: Patrick Switzer, Benjamin Hay, Nico Gallmann, Gustav Funck Norrhäll and Adrià Arquimbau moved to Opens Bracket A

Tomorrows Brackets

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