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In Her Own Words: WSF Board Member Maga McWhinnie

In Her Own Words: WSF Board Member Maga McWhinnie

In Her Own Words: WSF Board Member Maga McWhinnie

Maga McWhinnie born in Peru but currently living in Australia. I’m 30 years old.

I love skateboarding, I’m a female skateboarder myself. The feeling of flying downhill in complete control is what I live for. Been skateboarding for like 6 years or more. I did 5 years of professional racing in Downhill Skateboarding (speed boarding)  all around the world: from the big Alps in Europe, the massive rich Andes in South America, the Mountain Range of Australia and some other exotic spots from the world like in the Philippines, Spain and New Zealand. My favourite part of my travels was always exploring and skating amazing roads along my journeys, meeting the skate community and some how contributing to it through events, videos/documentaries and support through our media pages.

Rob, my partner, and I  have organized skate events for our local community here in Australia since 2010, from small grassroots events to big national event races. We also have been invited to organize races in Peru, Philippines, Slovenia for Redbull and planning to do more since 2012. We love contributing to our scene and sharing the stoke to be able to skate together and push yourself in a safe and inviting environment.  We also have made videos, documentaries and articles for many global media magazines and websites.

At the moment, I help manage my best mate’s skateboard shop in Sydney,Australia: Basement Skate. Last year I got selected to be a director for the International Downhill Federation and l am proud to also be a member of the World Skateboard Federation. With the IDF I helped in the organization of many World Cup and World Qualifying events in South America, Austral-Asia and I also work with the female downhill community with the goal to support our current female racers, helping to promote the female scene with the aim to see more ladies racing every year. I also try to help and support the Australian Skateboard Racing Association with their events and media, Recently we had the first IDF World Cup Race of the year here in the South of Sydney and a couple months ago a massive Boarder X event too. I’m happy to see where our sport is going and keep on working towards more and better events all over the world, including places where the riders can’t access to travel to compete in world class events. I also would like to see more recognition for skateboarding and skateboarders in many places where the sport is not so supported like here in Australia. And of course I would love to see and  keep inspiring more ladies (all around the world) and everyone who wants to skate to follow their goals and dreams.

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