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Olympic Update

Olympic Update

Olympic Update

To all the skateboarding entities who have been working so diligently to organize your skateboarding communities:

I wanted to send a quick update on the possibility of Skateboarding in the Olympics. As you are aware, skateboarding is being considered as an additional sport as part of the official program of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Previously the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee included skateboarding on a shortlist of five additional sports (Surfing, Baseball/Softball, Karate and Sports Climbing) proposed to the International Olympic Committee for inclusion in the 2020 Games. The final decision will be voted on by the full IOC membership in Rio de Janeiro in August 2016.

The WSF, as the International Sport Federation responsible for governance of the sport of skateboarding has been in continuous dialogue with the IOC regarding the governance and management of skateboarding at the 2020 Olympic Games.

WSF from its inception has worked hard to make sure that everyone is included and that relevant skateboarders are able to represent their country within this organization. This process is to make sure that the active and relevant individuals and entities in skateboarding have a voice.

WSF is planning an Olympic Workshop where your voice can be heard and strategic and important decisions will be made. Please don’t rely on others to speak for you at this important meeting on the wake of skateboarding’s future in the Olympics. This may be the most important meeting or summit you will attend. The exact location and dates will be determined in the next few weeks.

We appreciate your efforts to organize and support your skateboarding community; without your efforts government funds earmarked for sports will not be allocated for skateboarding parks or local events.  It is essential that you continue these efforts in your communities and WSF will continue to support you.

WSF includes all disciplines of skateboarding including Street, Vert, Park, Bowl, Downhill, Slalom, Long Distance and Freestyle and has the support of the organized disciplines and active relevant skateboarding groups from over 92 countries and includes more than 5000 supporters worldwide. WSF also sanctions more than 120 events globally including the Skateboarding World Championships for men’s and women’s street and vert.

WSF will continue to fight to make sure that everyone in skateboarding, wherever you are located, will have a voice in the organization and future of WSF.

We have received numerous  applications and have been diligently researching and approving these applications. If you have not yet submitted your application, please go to www.worldskateboardingfederation.org
to apply for recognition.

Thank you for your emails, calls and Skype conversations in support of WSF.

Tim McFerran
WSF President

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